After Installation? Turn on Your Creativity

From the smallest, simplest pool to the biggest project with multiple features, what surrounds the pool is what makes the area invite you to spend time at your pool.

Outdoor ParadiseThink through your furniture placement before you finalize the size and shape of the deck. Ken has a long piece of rope that allows you to layout the perimeter of your deck before concrete is poured. You can use cut-outs or the actual furniture to plan the living areas before the concrete is poured. You can decide to take a little bit off here, add some there to customize the deck to the living space that you envision around the pool.

Once the pool is done, you can create the atmosphere around the pool. An easy way to make a big impact is with a large plant container. Include a thriller, (a high-impact plant with the most height), a filler (a medium level plant that will fill in space), and a spiller (a creeping plant that will grow down the side of the container). Consider surrounding tall rosemary with deep red coleus and lime green sweet potato vine.

Have an area where you really don’t want people to walk? Consider an ‘overgrown’ look such as lush hydrangeas with scattered plantings of day-lilies and ornamental grasses. This kind of bed is a perfect blend with a free-form pool. Herbs can be a nice touch in the beds and containers. Something like lavender not only adds color and depth, but a wonderful fragrance, as well.

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Cyndi Osterhus

Cyndi Osterhus, Ken’s wife, is the first point of contact for customers. A retired educator, she is the perfect liaison for customers as they seek answers to questions on options, features, and cost. Cyndi quickly responds to emails and phone calls to build early relationships with customers in an effort to prepare the right information and models for Ken’s site visit.

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