Osterhus Outdoors Fiberglass Pools is Leisure Pools USA Pool of the Month for June 2022

Osterhus Outdoors Fiberglass Pools wins Leisure Pools USA Pool of the Month for June 2022!

Here’s an excerpt from the article: “If envy is not a feeling with which you are readily familiar, prepare yourself to experience a serious case of it when you set your eyes upon this magnificent – and magnetic (we’ll get to that a bit later) — backyard fiberglass pool design. Installed by Osterhus Outdoors Fiberglass Pools, this luxurious setting is a strong testament to the artistic, innovative, and award-winning presentations for which the Osterhus Outdoors team is known. It made it an easy pick for the Leisure Pools USA Pool of the Month for June 2022.

Osterhus Outdoors is a family owned and operated small business specializing in custom pools built with quality and care. Located in Salisbury, North Carolina, it always seems to stand a head above the rest. Owners Ken and Cyndi Osterhus, along with their three sons, have run this business with integrity and authenticity since 2006.”

“A Fiberglass Pool from Osterhus Outdoors is Sure to Please”

“The Osterhus team is not one to allow excuses, explanations, or regrets dampen their efforts in any project. In a sense, they are wise and intentional in what they do today so there is no room for frustration tomorrow. This well-oiled machine does not focus on concerns about the projects they take on; instead, they celebrate the magnificence of the outcome. And this particular installation is no exception.

A standout among the noteworthy portfolio of Leisure Pools, this Pinnacle 35 with accompanying Amalfi spa in graphite grey takes center stage in this exquisite Salisbury area backyard that is definitely dressed for the occasion. An intentional complement to the architectural style of the home and the surrounding grounds, this pool installation offers a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living.”

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We are a family owned and operated small business specializing in customized pools built with quality and care.

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