Get Ready For Summer: 3 Steps To A Clean, Beautiful Pool

3 Steps To Having A Clean, Beautiful Pool:



Remove debris by any or all of these four means:

  • Skimmer: skim debris from top of pool water by running pump on high for 1-3 hours per day. Clean skimmer baskets as needed
  • Hand-held leaf net: clean bulk of leaves from bottom of pool before vacuuming.
  • Vacuum: vacuum bottom of pool twice per week during summer.
  • Cartridge filter: filter removes small debris.  Clean filter once per year.



To maintain chlorine in your pool, test your pool’s chlorine level several times per week. The test strip will indicate the ideal amount of free and total chlorine.

Your salt system produces chlorine for your pool.

NOTE: The salt cell begins working when the water temperature reaches 55-60 degrees. If your water is colder than that, the salt cell is not working. You may need to use chlorine tablets in the skimmer at the beginning of pool season. Use a couple 3” tablets if chlorine levels are low and water is cold. 

Once the cell is working: 

If your pool is low on chlorine, adjust the sanitation system:

  • If salt is low, add salt 
  • Control chlorine by dial (temperature of water must be greater than 50 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Start at 40% and turn the dial in 10% increments to find level that produces 1-2 parts per million on the test strip
  • Chlorine too high? Turn the dial to ZERO and check daily. 
  • Superchlorinate (100%) 24 hours to raise chlorine, to fight/kill algae, and to sanitize pool after heavy use
  • DO NOT use any algaecides without professional advice in order to ensure an algaecide compatible with salt



To avoid corrosion, scale, cloudiness and stinging eyes, and to keep your water clear and beautiful:remember AP (Alkalinity, pH)

  • Alkalinity Up (Sodium Bicarbonate) to level of 80ppm-120ppm
  • Ph increaser (Sodium carbonate) 7.2-7.6

Optional conditioner: Stabilizer (cyanuric acid) helps keeps chlorine in the pool

  • Test level (30-50 ppm)
  • If needed, ADD TO THE SKIMMER (dissolve in warm water if desired and then add to skimmer) Never directly to the pool! 

Chemical Addition Estimate Chart for 25,000-gallon Pool

Simple precautions

Keep all chemicals:

  • out of reach of children
  • in tightly closed containers out of sunlight and heat
  • away from contact with skin

Use a different cup for each chemical 

If you have questions, need chemicals, or cannot solve water problems contact us (704-239-7647)

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